Dear CVCC Family,

In keeping with the state-wide regulation regarding group assemblies we want to let you know that we will not be meeting as a church body in our building over the next four weeks. This is obviously the first time in the history of CVCC where we’ve had to close the doors of the building—but we know that WE are the church, not the structure…so let’s keep doing what we always do, if even from a distance.


During this time we are offering opportunities to keep our fellowship together, even if not at one time and in one place.

  • Worship – we will start worship time each Sunday at 10:45 a.m., with the Chugg family live streaming on Facebook from Texas.

  • If you don’t have a Facebook account, we encourage you to open one (easy and free) for at least the duration of this quarantine.

  • Sermon – Greg will continue to provide teaching beginning at 11:20 a.m., also streaming on Facebook from the church sanctuary.


We understand the digital load will be huge along the western time zone as many churches will be live streaming Sunday morning. We trust that we will have adequate band width to provide both worship and teaching. As usual, we will be recording the audio version of the sermon on a different line, so the audio sermon will be available shortly after noon on Sunday, and throughout the week. We want to encourage you to set aside this time to worship as a family in your own home, honoring the Lord and His day no matter where you are!


The elders are considering several other ways for us all to keep in touch with one another, and we will let you know new ways to link up in the days to come. Communication is going to be critical during these days. I will follow up this letter with another regarding our communication options, so keep an eye out for that letter as well.


In the meantime, continue to pray for one another, keep in touch with those in your normal circle, and try to expand your circle of contact by another couple people during your week. If you or anyone in your family has contacted the virus, please let us know. Lori and Julie will be covering the church office phone (541-576-2757) and I will be available after hours, including evenings. (719-313-2437)

Blessings to you all,



Letter #2

Dear CVCC Family,

As mentioned in an earlier letter, we elders are discussing several ways to communicate with you all during these days. Text messaging is a quick and easy means of communication, but very limiting in size. So we are encouraging the following as means of keeping in touch on a wider and more detailed scale.


Facebook: Since our live feeds are only available on Facebook, if you do not presently have an account, we encourage you to open one. It is easy and free, and once this is over you can easily close your account. Beyond being able to take part in worship and hear the sermon, our church family can communicate together within the bounds of the church Facebook page during this time.


e-mail: We will be sending out longer and more detailed messages via email. Scanning our files, we notice about one-half of the church members have their email address on file and in the directory. If you have an email account, please check the church phone directory. If yours is not listed, please call Julie or Lori and they will add it to the directory. If you do not have an email account, we encourage you to open one. Again, it is free, and pretty easy. Gmail, Yahoo, Ymail, are just some of your options. Once you do have an account and an address, please let Lori or Julie know.


FaceTime/WhatsApp/Skype: These ‘face-to-face’ platforms are all free and available as phone apps or computer add-ons. Actually seeing a friend on your phone or screen can be an encouragement to you and them.


Phone: Of course, we’ll always have Bell’s invention. If nothing else, burn up your minutes checking on neighbors and friends—whether church members or not.


Text: We will continue to send short important messages and alerts via text, and if we need to point you to another platform for further information, we will do so via text.


Thanks for your cooperation in this area of communication. Who knew, after ‘the YEAR Of COMMUNICATION’ that we’d all be able to put our skills to the test like this? Well, GOD DID!!

Let’s all keep in touch,


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